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Lot 184

Van der Walt (J.J.A.) & Vorster (P.J.)


Lot 186

Macfadyen, Alfred Newth (compiler and editor), Native Affairs Department

Statutes, Proclamations and Government Notices in the Native Territories of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

In force as at the 30th June, 1907. Compiled and edited for the Government

Lot 189

Twiggs, Laura (editor); John Pace and Jenine Skinner (designers)

Forces of Nature. The Sculpture of Dylan Lewis. (Copy dedicated by Dylan Lewis)

"There are unknown forces in nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reservation, she lends them all to us; she shows us these forms, which our…

Lot 192

Not known

Rhodesian album of 112 photographs from the early-1920s, including two of General Smuts opening the Salisbury Show in August 1922

Lot 193

Fugard, Athol; Stephen Grey (MS editor); Cecil Skotnes (dust jacket illustrator)


Lot 194


A House for Mr Biswas

First US edition of Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul's greatest work

Lot 198

Captain L. E. G. "Titus" OATES. - N.W. HAIG (editor)

The Inniskilliner First Series. Vol.I No. 1.

Captain Oates departure for South Pole announced to his regiment

Lot 203

Oosthuizen, S P R

The Fourth Free State Raadzaal. Commemorative Book 1893-1993 (English and Afrikaans) (Number 7 of 100 signed copies)

Lot 204


Collection of Universal Postal Union and other documents relating to the South African republics and colonies in the 1890s

Lot 205

Barker, Nicolas (Introduction); Earl of Crawford and Balcarres (Foreword)

Lady Anne Barnard's Watercolours and Sketches. Glimpses of the Cape of Good Hope. (2009)

Lot 211

KENYA - The NAIROBI Joint Publicity Committee (publisher)

Nairobi and District ... Issued under the auspices of the Municipal Council of Nairobi (Kenya)

Rare booklet describing and picturing pre-war colonial Nairobi in 1938/1939.

Lot 212

MALAWI. - The British Central Africa Company Ltd. (publisher).

Nyasaland Information for Settlers and Travellers Issued by the British Central Africa Company Ltd

Rare work on Malawi in 1924.

Lot 213

Samuelson, L H (Nomleti)

Some Zulu Customs and Folk-Lore [1911]

Lot 216

Breitenbach, F von; Jutta von Breitenbach (artist)

Southern Cape Forests and Trees

A Guide by F von Breitenbach, Department of Forestry. Afrikaans version: "Suid-Kaapse Bosse en Bome"

Lot 218

Horsbrugh, Boyd Robert

The Gamebirds and Waterfowl of South Africa with colour plates by Claude Gibney Davies

A facsimile reprint of the original work published in London during 1912. Published with additional material in 1978

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