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Lot 9

Lyell, D. D. (F.Z.S.)

Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia

Lot 34

Gerard, Jules (The Lion Killer)

Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in Algeria, with illustrations by Gustave Dore.

Adventures and exploits of famous hunters and travellers in India, Africa and America.

Lot 80

W. D. M. Bell

The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter

Very much sought after first edition.

Lot 201

Kirby, Frederick Vaughan

In Haunts of Wild Game - A Hunter-Naturalist's Wanderings From Kahlamba to Libombo

Lot 202

Stevenson-Hamilton, James

Animal Life in Africa

Lot 203

Szechenyi, Count Zsigmond

Land of Elephants

Big-Game Hunting In Kenya, Tanganyika And Uganda

Lot 206

Gibbons, Captain A. St. H.

Exploration and Hunting in Central Africa,1895-96

Lot 207

Harris, William Cornwallis

The Wild Sports of Southern Africa

Being the narrative of an expedition from the Cape of Good Hope through the territories of the Chief Moselekatse to the Tropic of Capricorn

Lot 208

Lyell, Denis D.

The Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game

Lot 213

Pigot, Brigadier General R.

Twenty-Five Years Big Game Hunting

Lot 214

Wallace, Harold Frank

Stalks Abroad

Lot 217

Millais, J. G.

Far Away Up the Nile

Lot 218

Neumann, Arthur H.

Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa

Lot 219

Lyell, Denis D.

Wild Life in Central Africa

Lot 222

FoĆ”, Edouard

After Big Game in Central Africa

Lot 248

Hallamore, Lou


A Guide to Hunting the African Leopard

Lot 249

Marsh, Brian

Baron in Africa

The Remarkable Adventures of Werner von Alvensleben

Lot 250

Tre-Hardy, Gilles

The Path of a Hunter

Lot 251

Philip H. Percival

Hunting, Settling and Remembering

Lot 252

Hoffman, George

A Country Boy in Africa

Lot 253

Barrington, F. M. (George)

One Happy Hunter

Lot 254

Sanchez-Arino, Tony

The Last of the Few

Forty-two Years of African Safaris

Lot 255

Sanchez-Arino, Tony

Hunting in Tanzania

Lot 256

Sanchez-Arino, Tony

Hunting in Zimbabwe

Lot 257

Condill, Gordon

A Hunter's Africa

Lot 258

Nyschens, Ian

Months in the Sun

Forty Years of Elephant Hunting in the Zambezi Valley

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