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Lot 40

Newberry, Dr. S. Lloyd

The Big Five - (Signed and Limited edition. 551/1000copies)

Hunting Adventures in Today's Africa

Lot 41

Prothero, Walt

Safari: A Dangerous Affair. (Signed and numbered first edition 724/1000 copies)

Lot 42

Henley, A.M.H

Round the Campfire (Signed and numbered limited edition 174/1000 copies)

Lot 43

Tennison, Harry

An African Affair. (Signed and numbered first edition 516/1000 copies)

Lot 45

Randall, Maurice

Game, Glory and Bitter Blood (Signed and numbered limited edition 516/1000 copies)

Memoirs of an African Hunter

Lot 46

Rindone, William.R

Dusty Days and Distant Drums- (SIGNED)

Lot 47

Hartley, Lionel. A.H.

Hunter's Heartbeat ( Signed and numbered first edition 516/1000 copies)

Lot 48

MacLagan, Angus

A White Hunter's Life (Signed and numbered first edition 734/1000 copies)

Lot 49

Burger, John. F

My Forty Years in Africa (Facsmile reprint edition 114/750 copies - Signed by Publisher)

Lot 51

Holman, Dennis

The Elephant People

Lot 53

Koenig, Oskar

Pori Tupu

Lot 54

Hoffman, George

A Country Boy in Africa (Signed and numbered first edition 885/1000 copies)

Lot 60

Stewart-Edward White

African Camp-Fires

Lot 61

Letcher, Owen

Big Game Hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia

Lot 62

von Meures, Reinald

Buffalo, Elephant & Bongo (Signed and numbered first edition. 492/1000 copies

Alone in the Savannas and Rain Forests of the Cameroon.

Lot 63

von Reitnauer, Robert

Kwaheri! (Signed and numbered first edition. 109/1000 copies)

On the Spoor of Big Game in East Africa

Lot 65

Tony Sanchez-Arino

Elephant Hunters. Men of Legend (Signed and numbered first edition 468/1000 copies)

Lot 67

Pelizzoli, Alfredo

The Soul of the Hunter (Signed Author 2001)

Twenty Years of Big Game Hunting in Africa

Lot 69

Bazzy, Charles

Sun Over The Dark Continent (Signed and numbered first edition. 377/1000 copies)

Fifty-Five years of Big-Game Hunting in Sudan, Tanganyika, Zambia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, and elsewhere in Africa.

Lot 70

Burton, A.W

The Highlands of Kaffraria

A review of outstanding incidents in Kaffirland and British Kaffraria leading up to the rise of King William's Town, Keiskama Hoek and East London, with special…

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