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SA Auction #84 - All Lots

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Lot 625

R. V. Tooley

Collector's Guide to Maps of the African Continent and Southern Africa

Lot 626

Francois Le Vaillant

Voyage de Monsieur Le Vaillant dans L'Intérieur de l'Afrique par le Cap de Bonne Espérance, dans les Années 1780 - 85 (1790)

Lot 627

Parker, G.A.

South African Sports (1897, first book on sport in SA)

Cricket, Football, Athletics, Cycling, Tennis, Racing, Polo, Golf, Gymnastics, Boxing, Shooting, etc.

Lot 628

Ian Knight & Ian Castle

The Zulu War Then And Now

Lot 629

Dorothea Fairbridge

The Pilgrim's Way in South Africa (1928) in original dustwrapper

Lot 630

Monick, S

Wherever Destiny Leads

The Story of the Transvaal Horse Artillery 1975-1992

Lot 631

Thackeray (William Makepeace)


Lot 632


South & East Africa Year Book and Guides 1929 and 1948 editions

With Atlas and Diagrams

Lot 633

Ballen, Roger

DORPS (Signed)

Small Towns of South Africa

Lot 634

Roger Ballen

Outland (Signed by the Photographer)

Lot 635

'Dook' A. Clunie-Ross

Skin & Bone (Signed)

Lot 636

Colonial Secretary's Ministerial Division

Cape of Good Hope Hospitals and Asylums Reports 1895 + 1900

Lot 637

Clement Egerton


translation from the original Chinese novel Chin P'ing Mei.

Lot 638

Barbara Tyrrell and Peter Jurgens

African Heritage (Signed by the author)

Lot 639

Green (Lawrence)


Lot 640

John Cassell

Cassell's History of England

Special Edition with 32 colour plates added.

Lot 641

A selection by W.E.G. Louw


'n Keur deur W.E.G. Louw uit die bundels 'Oom Gert Vertel', 'Digaansdag', 'Uitgesoekte Gedigte Vir Jong Suid-Afrika', 'Uit Drie Werelddele' en 'Skoonheidstroos'

Lot 642

Morrison, Arthur

Martin Hewitt Investigator

Lot 643

Fransen, Hans

Old Towns and Villages of the Cape

A Survey of the origin and development of towns, villages and hamlets at the Cape of Good Hope

Lot 644

John Ogilvie

The Imperial Dictionary of the English Language

A complete encyclopedic lexicon, literary, scientific, and technological. New edition.

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