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US Auction #2 - Literature

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Lot 48

Publius VIRGILIUS Maro.

L'Eneide Di Virgilio, Del Commendatore Annibal Caro.

Lot 49


Epigrammaton libri, animadversi, emendati, et commentariolus luculenter explicati. [by Thomas Farnaby]

Lot 51

John TILLOTSON, Archbishop of Canterbury (1630-1694, owner?). - Publius VIRGILIUS

P. Virgilii Maronis Opera; nunc emendatiora [edited by Daniel Heinsius]

first edition, first issue, of Virgil's works edited by Heinsius, beautifully produced by the Elzevirs

Lot 52

Queen ELIZABETH, The Queen Mother (1900 – 2002). - Dame Edith SITWELL (1887-1964).

The Atlantic Book of British and American Poetry.

these were offered in our first sale (lot 34), were unsold, and are here offered for a second time.

Lot 56

PAMPHLETS, belonging to Zoë THOMSON (1835-1913).

“Pamphlets Presented by Their Authors to Zoe Thomson”, a Sammelband

Zoë Thomson, nee Skene, wife of the Archbishop of York, and Rose Tremain's great-grandmother.

Lot 57

[Matthew Gregory LEWIS, Richard Brinsley SHERIDAN, Hannah COWLEY and others]

[A Sammelband of seven plays, one incomplete, first bound up in about 1814]

Lot 58

John Ross DIX (1811 - after 1863, aka John Ross).

The Life of Thomas Chatterton. Including his unpublished poems and correspondence.

no other comparable copies for sale, but there is an unsigned regular size copy for sale at £174.

Lot 61

Abram Trego SHERTZER. M.D. (1844-1915)

Trials and Triumphs. A Novel.

Rare on the market: an autobiographical novel. The author served in the US Navy and then as a doctor in the Franco-Prussian War

Lot 62

Mary Elizabeth Wilson SHERWOOD (1826-1903).

The Sarcasm of Destiny; or, Nina’s experience. A novel.

Inscribed by the author to her husband, this copy was unsold in the 1st sale: it is re-offered here.

Lot 63

TRANS-ATLANTIC Romance. - Sir Charles Augustus MURRAY (1806-1895).

The Prairie-Bird.

Ex-lot 29 from the 1st sale: a tale of true love tat also acted as an indicator of a true-life love affair

Lot 64

James Fenimore COOPER (1789-1851).

The Last of the Mohicans; a narrative of 1757. By the author of “The Pioneers” … in two volumes … Third Edition.

Lot 65

1st AMERICAN EDITION. - JUNIUS (pseudonym).

The Letters of Junius. Complete in one volume, with a copious index. The first American Edition.

ex-lot 67 in the first sale - a very nice copy worthy of consideration

Lot 66

Sara TEASDALE (1884-1933)

Collected Poems of Sara Teasdale.

Lot 181

Victor HUGO (1802-1885).

Les Misérables.

Lot 204

[J. M. HEATHCOTE (translator and author), Friedrich von SCHILLER, , and others]


Very rare: this is the second recorded copy of this work. The author is best known for a later work on the East Anglian Fenland and as an early photographer

Lot 215

Marco Girolamo VIDA, Bishop of Alba (1485?-1566)

[1566 Poetry.] Marci Hieronymi Vidae Cremonensis, Albae Episcopi, Opera: Quorum Catalogum Sequens Pagella Continet

Neo -Latin Poetry; Lyon imprint, italic type

Lot 222

e.e. cummings (contributor). - Scofield THAYER (editor).

The Dial. Jan. & Feb. 1920.

"Buffalo Bill's Defunct." e. e. cummings - almost his FIRST APPEARANCE in print & the rebirth of The Dial

Lot 226

Hugh THOMSON, illust. ; Mary Russell MITFORD; William SHAKESPEARE; James Lane ALLEN

(Early dust jacket) 3 titles: A Kentucky Cardinal (1900); Our Village (1910); The Merry Wives of Windsor (1910)

(Early DJ) Three examples of Thomson's celebrated designs.

Lot 229


[Latin; Early Bookplate.] Hercules tuam fidem sive Munsterus hypobolimaeus.

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