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Auction #77 - Hunting & Shooting

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Lot 2

Harris (William Cornwallis)


Delineated from life in their native haunts, during a hunting expedition from the Cape Colony as far as the Tropic of Capricorn in 1836 and 1837, with sketches of…

Lot 40

Le Noel, Chistian

On Target. (Signed and Numbered 441 of 1000 copies)

History and Hunting in Central Africa

Lot 41

Manning, Ian

With A Gun In Good Country (Signed & Numbered 273 of 1000 copies)

Lot 42

Baldus. Rolf.D (Editor)

Wild Heart of Africa- First Standard Edition

The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

Lot 43

Sacha de Montbel

Big Game Hunting (First Engish Edition)

Lot 44

Allison, Col

African Trails - (First Edition)

Big Game Safari Adventure in Southern Africa

Lot 45

Del Rosal, Jorge

My Hunting (First Edition)

Lot 46

Christenson, Steve

From The Congo Basin to the Highlands of Ethiopia (Signed & Numbered Edition - 233 of 1000 copies)

Lot 47

Everett, Fred

Tuskers in the Dust (Signed and Numbered First Edition-495 of 1000 copies)

Lot 48

Harland, Richard

African Epic (Signed and Numbered edition 44 of 200 copies)

The Story of Paul 'Kambada' Grobler

Lot 49

Tony Sanchez-Arino

The Last of The Few (Signed and Numbered First Edition. 752 of 1000 copies)

Forty-Two Years of African Safaris

Lot 50

Gerald Miller

Lives of a Professional Hunting Family. (Signed & Numbered First Edition-578 of 1000 copies)

Lot 51

De Lima, Jorge Alves

Chasing the Hozizon:(Signed & Numbered First Editiom-410 of 1000 copies)

Hunting in East Africa and India

Lot 52

Chandler, David

Legends of the African Frontier.(Signed and numbered first edition - 388 of 500copies)

Lot 53

Christenson, Steve

From the Okavango to the Plains of East Africa(Signed & Numbered first edition - 345 of 1000 copies)

Hunting in Africa in the Latter Part of the Twentieth Century

Lot 54

Fred Duckworth

Quest for Africa's Tomorrows. (Signed & Numbered First Edition-328 of 1000 copies)

Stories We Have'nt Told You......

Lot 55

Bleazard, Stan

Sunset Tales of Safariland (Signed and Numbered First Edition-157 of 1000 copies)

Lot 56

Nyschens, Ian

Footsteps of an Ivory Hunter

Lot 57

Everett, Fred

Heat, Thirst & Ivory. (Signed and numbered first edition. 310/1000 copies)

Elephant and Other Hunting Adventures in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola

Lot 58

Terry Irwin

Memoirs of an African Hunter (Signed & Numbered first edition-705 of 1000 copies)

A Narrative of a professional Hunter's Experiences in Africa

Lot 59

De Lima, Jorge Alves

In The Company of Adventure - Numbered & Signed copy 410/1000 copies

Lot 105

Christopher Ondaatje

Hemingway in Africa

The last safari

Lot 122

Maugham, R.C.F

Wild Game in Zambezia - First Edition

Lot 123

Brocklehurst, Capt. H.C

Game Animals of the Sudan - First Edition

A Handbook for Hunters and Naturalists

Lot 124

Percival, A. Blayney. Edited bt E.D.Cuming

A Game Ranger's Note Book - First Edition

Lot 125

Count Zsigmond Szechenyi

Land of Elephants - First Edition

Big-Game Hunting in Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda

Lot 126

Chapman, Abel

Memories of Four Score Years Less Two 1851-1929, with a Memoir by George Bolam.

Lot 127

Captain. C.R.S. Pitman

A Game Warden Takes Stock. First Edition

Lot 128

Chapman, Abel

On Safari - First Edition.

Big-Game Hunting in British East Africa with Studies in Bird-Life.

Lot 132

Rowter, Philip.D

The Hunting Instinct (Signed and numbered first edition.479/1000 copies)

Safari Chronicles on Hunting, Game Conservation, and Management in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia: 1900-1998.

Lot 133

Hibben, Frank.C, Dr

Under the African Sun (Signed and numbered first edition. 453/1000 copies)

Forty-Eight Years of Hunting the African Continent

Lot 144

Tony Sanchez-Arino

Elephants, Ivory & Hunters - First Edition

Lot 145

Peter Hathaway Capstick

Maneaters-First Edition.

Lot 190

Courtney, Roger

Claws of Africa (Signed & Numbered edition-197 of 775 copies-Facsmile Reprint)

Experiences of a Professional Big-game Hunter

Lot 191

Klineburger, Chris.R

Gamemasters of the World-A Chronicle of Sport Hunting and Conservation

An Autobiography of the Pioneer of Asian Hunting and Conservation.

Lot 193

Cornwallis Harris, Captain W; E Tabler (introduction), R Liversidge (zoological note)

Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of Southern Africa (1969)

Reproduced complete from the original edition of 1840/41. With additional illustrations

Lot 194

Cornwallis Harris, Captain W

Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of Southern Africa (1986)

Delineanated from Life in these Native Haunts. Drawn on stone by Frank Howard

Lot 259

Drummond, W H; Edward Hodges (illustrator)

The Large Game and Natural History of South and South East Africa (facsimile reprint, 1972)

From the Journals

Lot 297

Allen (Bunny)

SECOND WHEEL (Limited edition signed by the author)

Foreword by Frates Seeligson. Photographs from the author's private collection.

Lot 298

Henley ( A.M.H.)

ROUND THE CAMPFIRE (Presentation copy)

Foreword by Jim Rikhoff

Lot 299

MacLagan (Angus)

A WHITE HUNTER'S LIFE (Limited edition signed by the author)

Foreword by Jim Rikhoff. Photographs from the author's private collection.

Lot 300

Manners ( Harry)

KAMBAKU! (Limited edition signed by the editor)

Lot 301

Marsh (Anthony S.)

FOURTEEN YEARS IN THE AFRICAN BUSH (Limited edition signed by the author)

An account of a Kenyan Game Warden

Lot 302

Percival (Philip H.)

HUNTING, SETTLING AND REMEMBERING (Limited edition signed by the author's grandson)

Lot 303

Reitnauer (Robert von)

KWAHERI! (Limited edition signed by the author)

On the spoor of big game in East Africa

Lot 304

Rindone (William R.)

DUSTY DAYS AND DISTANT DRUMS (Signed by the author)

A Hunting chronicle. Foreword by South African Professional Hunter, Rob Deane, illustrated with original oil paintings and bronzes by Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Photographic…

Lot 305

Rohwer (Rolf)

CAMPFIRE TALES (Limited edition signed by his wife)

Stories from the life of a professional hunter in Zambia and Tanzania

Lot 321

Hermann Von Wissmann

My Second Journey Through Equatorial Africa

from the Congo to the Zambesi in the Years 1886 and 1887.

Lot 325

John Boyes


With a foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord Cranworth

Lot 328

Hunting Books

Collection of Four Briar Patch, Hunting Books as listed.

African Collection Series.

Lot 329

Hunting Books

Collection of Four Briar Patch, Hunting Books as listed.

The African Collection Series.

Lot 369

J A Hunter & Dan Mannix

African Bush Adventures

Lot 371

A R Ramsden

Assam Planter

Tea Planting and Hunting in the Assam Jungles

Lot 373

Charles Mayer


Lot 374



Lot 375



Lot 406

William York

Out in the Midday Shade ( Signed Limited Edition )

Lot 415

Edgar N Barclay

Big Game Shooting Records

Together with Biographical Notes and Anecdotes on the Most Prominent Big Game Hunters of Ancient and Modern Times.

Lot 418

Lieut. Col. J H Patterson

IN THE GRIP OF THE NYIKA: Further Adventures in British East Africa

Lot 433

F.C. Selous

Sport & Travel East and West

Lot 445

Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting

A Complete Account for Sportsmen and Others

Lot 457


African Hunting Reprint Series.

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