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Auction #77 - Botanical

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Lot 16

Marloth, Rudolf (author and photographer); E Dixie, E Smith and others* (artists)

The Flora of South Africa (newly rebound in green Skivertex, gilt) (four volumes in six)

With Synoptical Tables of the Genera of the Higher Plants

Lot 90

Du Plessis, Niel; Duncan, Graham & Bodley, Elise


a guide to their cultivation and propagation; with contributions by Bruce Bayer; watercolours by Elise Bodley

Lot 91

Reynolds, Gilbert Westacott


Lot 93

Van der Spuy, Una

South African Shrubs and Trees for the Garden (De Luxe Edition of 100 copies)

Lot 97

Burrows, John E

Southern African Ferns and Fern Allies

Lot 111

Watt, John Mitchell, and Maria Gerdina Breyer-Brandwijk

The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern and Eastern Africa (1962)

Being an Account of Their Medicinal and Other Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal

Lot 112

Hutchings, Anne, and others

Zulu Medicinal Plants. An Inventory (Copy 234 of limited edition of 300 copies)

Lot 113

Hutchinson, John; Field-Marshal J C Smuts (foreword)

A Botanist in Southern Africa (1946)

With numerous photographs, drawings and maps

Lot 139

Bruyns. Peter V (author and illustrator)

The Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar (Vols I/II) (in slipcase)

Lot 141

Smith, Christo Albertyn (author); E Percy Phillips and Estelle van Hoepen (editors)

Common Names of South African Plants (1966)

Botanical Survey Memoir No 35, Botanical Research Institute, Department of Agricultural Technical Services, Republic of South Africa, 1966

Lot 150

Van Jaarsveld, Ernst, & Daryl Koutnik; Elise Bodley & Lisa Strachan (illustrators)

Cotyledon and Tylecodon

Lot 151

Saunders, the late Katharine (artist); Bayer, A (notes and text)

Flower Paintings of Katharine Saunders (1979)

Lot 153

Walker, Joan (artist); Rob Scott-Shaw (scientific editor)

Wild Flowers of KwaZulu-Natal (first and second editions, both inscribed by artist)

First edition (1996): 430 watercolour paintings of wild flowers (mainly in the Kloof area). Second edition ( 2004): 480 watercolour paintings of wild flowers

Lot 189

Doreen Court

Succulent Flora of Southern Africa

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to 164 genera in nine family groups

Lot 199

Sim, Dr T R

Tree Planting in South Africa (1927)

Including the Union of South Africa, Southern Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa

Lot 200

Jeppe, Barbara; J Lavranos (foreword)

South Africa Aloes (revised and enlarged edition)

Lot 202

Burrows, John and Sandra; and others; Abraham E van Wyk (foreword)

Figs of Southern and South-Central Africa

With contributions by Duncan Butchart (Figs, Birds and other Wildlife), Simon van Noort (Fig Wasps and the Pollination of Figs), and Geoff Nichols (Growing Figs)

Lot 203

White, Alain, R Allan Dyer, Boyd L Sloane (authors); and 15 other collaborators

The Succulent Euphorbieae (Southern Africa). Vols I and II. 1941

Lot 211

Breitenbach, F von (author); Jutta von Breitenbach (artist)

Southern Cape Forests and Trees (1974)

A Guide by F von Breitenbach, Department of Forestry

Lot 258

Bolus, H M Louisa; Mary M Page, Beatrice O Carter (illustrators)

Notes on Mesembrianthemum and some allied genera. With descriptions of a hundred new species. Part I (signed by author) (1928)

Lot 312

Palmer, Norah, and Eve Pitman; with cooperation from the Botanical Research Institute

Trees of Southern Africa (3 vols, 1972/1973)

Covering all known indigenous species in the Republic of South West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland

Lot 313

Henkel, J S; J W Bews (foreword)

A Field Book on the Woody Plants of Natal and Zululand (1934)

Being a key for the identification of Woody Plants based on leaf characters

Lot 314

Fabian, Anita (paintings); Gerrit Germishuizen (text); Inez Verdoorn (foreword)

Transvaal Wild Flowers (standard edition signed by illustrator and author) (1982)

Lot 315

Reynolds, Gilbert Westacott

Aloes of Madagascar and Tropical Africa (first edition, 1966)

Lot 316

Meredith, D (honorary editor) and others; posthumous foreword by General J C Smuts

The Grasses and Pastures of South Africa (1955)

Lot 332

Batten, Auriol

Flowers of Southern Africa

Lot 333

Fox, F W, and M E Norwood Young

Food from the Veld. Edible wild plants of southern Africa

Lot 334

Ball, John S

Southern African Epiphytic Orchids

Lot 336

Carr, J D; Elize Buitendag (colour illustrations); Meg Coates Palgrave (foreword)

Combretaceae of Southern Africa (1988)

Lot 337

Carr, J D

The South African Acacias

Lot 338

Van Jaarsveld, Ernst (author); Vicki Thomas and others (illustrators)

The Southern African Plectranthus. And the art of turning shade to glade

Lot 339

Craib, Charles; Gillian Condy (illustrations); P Vorster (foreword)

Geophytic Pelargoniums. Field and Cultivation Studies of Pelargonium section Hoarea

Lot 361

Giddy, Cynthia (author and photographer); Barbara Jeppe (pencil drawings & diagrams)

Cycads of South Africa

Lot 365

Goode, Douglas (author and artist); john Comrie-Greig (editor); C K Brain (foreword)

Cycads of Africa (signed first edition in slipcase)

Lot 378

Codd, L E (editor); Herrat March, Fay Anderson, Rhona Collett and others* (artists)

The Flowering Plants of Africa (Vol 42 only) (half-bound in green-calf)

A magazine containing coloured figures with descriptions of the indigenous flowering plants of Africa

Lot 380

H M L Bolus (text); D Barclay (paintings); E J Steer (photographs)

A Book of South African Flowers (1925); First Book of South African Flowers (1928); Second Book of South African Flowers (1936)

Issued under the auspices of the Wild Flower Protections Society

Lot 381

Levyns, Margaret R (University of Cape Town); H B Rycroft (editor)

The Genus Muraltia

Journal of South African Botany. Supplementary Volume No II

Lot 382

Lewis, G Joyce (Botanical Research Officer, Kirstenbosch); H B Rycroft (editor)

The Genus Babiana (1959)

The Journal of South African Botany. Supplementary Volume No III

Lot 383

De Vos, Miriam (Department of Botany, Stellenbosch University); H B Rycroft (editor)

The Genus Romulea in South Africa (1972)

Journal of South African Botany. Supplementary Volume No 9

Lot 398

Gunn, Mary, and Enid du Plessis

The Flora Capensis of Jakob and Johann Philipp Breyne

Lot 399

Gunn, Mary, and L. E. Codd

Botanical Exploration of Southern Africa

An illustrated history of early botanical literature on the Cape flora. Biographical accounts of the leading plant collectors and their activities in southern Africa…

Lot 420

Goldblatt, Peter; Fay Anderson (watercolour illustrations); J N Eloff (editor)

The Moraeas of Southern Africa

A Systematic Monograph of the Genus in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Transkei, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe

Lot 421

Goldblatt, Peter; Fay Anderson and others* (illustrations); J N Eloff (editor)

The Genus Watsonia. A systematic monograph

Annals of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens. Volume 19

Lot 422

Hilliard, O M, and B L Burtt; Auriol Batten (illustrations); L E Codd (foreword)

Dierama. The Hairbells of Africa

Lot 423

Van Wyk, Pieter (author and photographer); L E Codd (foreword)

Trees of the Kruger National Park (Vols I and II) (1972 and 1974)

Lot 424

Van der Walt, J J A and P J Vorster (authors); Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst (illustrator)

Pelargoniums of Southern Africe (3 vols)

Lot 426

Baker, H A & E G H Oliver; I von Below, F Anderson (paintings); H M L Bolus: foreword

Ericas in Southern Africa (1967)

Dedicated to the memory of Francis Guthrie (1831-1899) andd Harry Bolus (1834-1911), pioneers of the study of ericas in Southern Africa

Lot 427

Schoeman, Dolf, and Gerhard Kirsten, in collaboration with E G H Oliver

Ericas of South Africa (1992)

The most comprehensive illustrated work on he genus, covering more than 450 species

Lot 428

Bayer, Bruce; J G Marx (illustrator); J D Venter (photographs); P V Bruyns (foreword)

Haworthia Revisited. A Revision of the Genus. And The New Haworthia Handbook

Lot 429

Jacobsen, W B G

The Ferns and Fern Allies of Southern Africa

Lot 430

Goldblatt, Peter, and John Manning; Fay Anderson and Auriol Batten (illustrators)

1. Gladiolus in Southern Africa. 2. Gladiolus in Tropical Africa. Systematics, Biology and Evolution

Lot 434

Hobson, N K, & J P Jessop; M Ginn & J Kelly (illustrators). B R Roberts (foreword)

Veld Plants of Southern Africa (1975) (copy 40 of collectors' edition of 50 copies, signed by the authors and illustrators)

Lot 444

Snijman, Deirdre; Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst (artist); J N Eloff (editor)

A Revision of the Genus Haemanthus L (Amaryllidaceae)

Journal of South African Botany Supplementary Volume No 12

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