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Auction #74 - Mining

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Lot 17

R.W. Murray

The Diamond-Field Keepsake for 1873

Early photographs of the diamond fields

Lot 29


Witwatersrand Chamber of Mines Fourth Annual Report for the year ending 31st December, 1892 (very early Johannesburg printing)

Lot 30


The Revised Gold Law of 1896, for the digging for, and Dealing in Precious Metals and Precious Stones within the Z.A.R.

Very early Johannesburg printing (1896). Published by The Standard & Diggers News with later became The Rand Daily Mail.

Lot 31

Cuninghame Wilson-Moore & W. H. Carrington Wilmer

The Minerals of Southern Africa (very early Johannesburg printing 1893)

Lot 32

Gardner F. Williams & others

De Beers Consolidated Mines, Sixth annual Report for the Year ending 30th JUNE, 1894

Lot 33

A. R. Sawyer

Mining. Geological and general guide to the Murchison Range (Zoutpansberg District)

By Arthur Robert Sawyer, Late H.M's Inspector under the "Coal and Metalliferous Mines Act"

Lot 34

Georgius Agricola

Page CCLXXXI from Vom Bergwerck (An Original Leaf from the First Systematic Treatise on Mining and Metallurgy, published in 1557)

Lot 257

Theodore Reunert.

Diamonds and Gold in South Africa.

Presentation copy to H. W. Struben

Lot 258

Fred C. Cornell

The Glamour of Prospecting.

Wanderings of a South African prospector in search of copper, gold, emeralds, and diamonds.

Lot 297

John S. Oliver

Faults and Dykes. A Geological Study of the Witwatersrand (1911; First Edition)

Scarce geological book with 3 folding sketch MAPS, 3 sketch plates and numerous sketches in text.

Lot 300

Robert Alfred Lehfeldt, D. Sc.

Gold, Prices, and the Witwatersrand (1919)

Scarce first edition of this important document about GOLD MINING, mines, currency questions and prices, Witwatersrand gold mines and position of the Witwatersrand.…

Lot 363

Revue Sud-Africaine

Les Mines d'Or du Transvaal (c.1910)

The Transvaal Gold Mines - their location, their incomes, their duration. With 6 MAPS of the Witwatersrand Mines.

Lot 364

Gerard Martin

Les BASUTO dans les Centres Miniers du TRANSVAAL (1939; 1st Edition)

Rare document about the life in the mining centers of the Basutoland (later Kingdom of Lesotho) and Transvaal.

Lot 459

Wagner, Percy Albert

The Diamond Fields of Southern Africa

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