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US Auction #3 - Angling & Fishing

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Lot 55

Charles Zibeon SOUTHARD.

Trout Fly-Fishing in America.

Lot 56

Frank W. BENSON (1862–1951, artist)


Lot 57

Ray BERGMAN (1891-1967).

With Fly, Plug and Bait by … Bergman. Fly plates by Dr. Edgar Burke Drawings by Ivin Sickels 2nd.

Lot 58

Alfred RONALDS (1802-1860). – P.H. WHITEHEAD (printer).

[Fly Wallet] The Companion to Alfred Ronald’s [sic.] Fly Fisher's Entomology.

with 60 actual examples of early trout and salmon flies

Lot 60

PIUTE CREEK, YOSEMITE, California. - [Unknown photographer]

[Fly-fishing in California] A mounted vintage photograph, titled 'Piute Creek Habitat of the Golden Trout',

accompanied by four actual dry-fly specimens

Lot 62

[Thomas DOUBLEDAY (1790-1860)]

The Fisher’s Garland, for 1828 [The Fisher’s Call].

rare separate issue

Lot 63

Sir Robert Hamilton BRUCE LOCKHART, KCMG (1887-1970).

My Rod My Comfort by Robert Bruce Lockhart with wood engravings by J. Gaastra.

Excellent copy with the dust-jacket

Lot 64

Henry Charles CUTCLIFFE (d.1873).

Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams

a small collection of three different editions of this popular work on 'Trout Fishing on rapid streams'.

Lot 65

George William SOLTAU (1801-1884).

Trout Flies of Devon & Cornwall

Lot 66

George Cole BAINBRIDGE (1788-1840)

The Fly Fisher's Guide, illustrated by coloured plates

Lot 68


The Jolly Angler; or Water Side Companion

Lot 69

[Lewis B. FRANCE (1833–1907)]

With Rod and Line in Colorado Waters

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