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Auction #74 - Ornithology

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Lot 120

Brown (Leslie) and Amadon (Dean)


Lot 124

Horsbrugh (Boyd Robert)


Lot 126

Knight (C.W.R.)

KNIGHT IN AFRICA (Presentation copy)

Adventures with a camera in the veldt

Lot 128

Mundy (Peter), Butchart (Duncan), Ledger (John) & Piper (Steven)


Lot 131

Skead (C.J.)


Also the Sugarbirds, the White Eyes and the Spotted Creeper

Lot 133

Viljoen (P.J.)

AGRED'S GAMEBIRDS OF SOUTH AFRICA (Collectors' edition signed by the author and the illustrator)

Field identification and management

Lot 196

Ruschi, Augusto

Aves do Brasil [Birds of Brazil], Volume 1 (1979)

Lot 197

Hyman, Susan; illustrations by Edward Lear; introduction by Philip Hofer

Edward Lear's Birds

Lot 198

Clancey, Phillip A (author and illustrator)

Kingfishers of Sub-Saharan Africa

Lot 199

Audubon, John James

The Birds of America (1985 reprint of 1937 edition)

The Classic Work of Audobon's Landmark Paintings published to mark the 200th anniversary of the painter's birth

Lot 202

Mundy, Peter, Duncan Butchart, John Ledger, and Steven Piper; foreword by Ian Player

The Vultures of Africa

Lot 205

Fuller, Errol; foreword by the Hon Miriam Rothschild

Extinct Birds

Lot 206

Harrison, JA, DG Allan, LG Underhill, M Herremans, AJ Tree, V Parker, CJ Brown (eds)

Atlas of Southern African Bird Life (2 vols)

Including Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe

Lot 213

Maclean, Gordon Lindsay; illustrated by Kenneth Newman and Geoff Lockwood

Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa (sixth edition)

Lot 214

Scott, Peter (author and illustrator)

Wild Chorus

Lot 242

Ginn, Peter (text editor), Geoff McIlleron (pictures editor) and P le S Millstein

The Complete Book of Southern African Birds

Lot 325

Brown, Leslie (author and illustrator)

Eagles of the World

Lot 326

Steyn, Peter (author and photographer); foreword by Leslie Brown

Eagle Days (signed)

A Study of African Eagles at the Nest

Lot 327

Gargett, Valerie; P J Mundy (scientific editor); G Arnott and R Davies (artists)

The Black Eagle (signed)

A Study. Published in association with the Trustees of the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund

Lot 328

Burton, Philip (author); Trevor Boyer (illustrator)

Vanishing Eagles

A Daleguild book

Lot 367

Oatley, Terry (author); Graeme Arnott (illustrator); Steven Piper (foreword)

Robins of Africa

Lot 368

Gooders, John (editor)

Birds of Mountains and Moorlands

Volume 2 of the Orbis Encyclopedia of Birds of Britain and Europe (5-volume series)

Lot 369

Fisher, James (author); Tory Peterson (illustrator)

The World of Birds

A comprehensive guide to general ornithology

Lot 370

Liversidge, Richard; Jill Adams, Norman Lighton (paintings); Cecily Niven (foreword)

The Birds Around Us

" . . . 876 Southern African birds arranged according to where they are most commonly seen in the region's main ecological habitats with full-page coverage of 459…

Lot 371

Diamond, Anthony, Rudolf Schreiber, David Attenborough, Ian Presit

Save the Birds

Lot 372

Campbell, Bruce, Elizabeth Lack (editors); K H Voous, J J Bunel & other contributors

A Dictionary of Birds

Prefaces by the Presidents of the British and American Ornithologogists' Unions

Lot 412

Kemp, A C (text); C G Finch-Davies and others (illustrations)

The Biography of Claude Gibney Finch-Davies 1875-1920

Observer, student and highly skilled illustrator of Southern African birds

Lot 413

Clancey, Dr Phillip Alexander, former director, Durban Museum, author & illustrator)

Rare Birds

The 96 rarest and most vulnerable bird species in Southern Africa

Lot 415

Tarboton, Warwick, and David Allan: Transvaal Museum, Pretoria

The Status and Conservation of Birds of Prey in the Transvaal

Transvaal Museum Monograph Number 3

Lot 430

Forshaw (Joseph M.)


Illustrated by William T. Cooper

Lot 445

Pledger, Maurice (paintings); Charles Coles (text); Duke of Edinburgh (foreword)

Game Birds

A Daleguild book designed and produced for William Collins Sons & Company

Lot 446

Scott, Sir Peter (author & illustrator); Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (foreword)

Observations of Wildlife

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