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Auction #77 - Ornithology

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Lot 25

Gould (John)


Lot 67

Bird, A V (editor); C S Barlow and others

The paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa (number 68 of signed subscribers' edition of 350 copies)

Plates from original paintings by Norman C K Lighton

Lot 98

Harris, Tony (author); Graeme Arnott (illustrator)

Shrikes of Southern Africa

True shrikes, helmet-shrikes and bush-shrikes, including the batises and Black-throated Wattle-eye

Lot 106

Fitzsimons, F W

The Natural History of South Africa. Birds Vols I and II (1923)

With 10 coloured plates and numerous illusrations from photographs, etc

Lot 174

Richard Meinertzhagen

Nicoll's Birds of Egypt. Published under the Authority of the Egyptian Government (1930)

Lot 205

Skead, C J (author); assisted by C Niven, J M Winterttom, R Liversidge, J Perry

The Sunbirds of South Africa. Also the Sugarbirds, the White-Eyes and the Spotted Creeper

Lot 206

Skead, C J (editor)*; John Voelcker (foreword)

The Canaries, Seedeaters and Buntings of Southern Africa

*In collaboration with Jack Vincent, Cecily Niven, G R McLachlan and J M Winterbottom. Colour plates by C G Davies, D M Henry, C E Talbot, Norman Lighton, and John…

Lot 207

Finch-Davies, Claude Gibney (artist); Alan Kemp (text); C K Brain (foreword)

The Birds of Southern Africa

Lot 209

Finch-Davies, Claude Gibney (artist); Patrick Horsbrugh (foreword)

Game Birds and Waterfowl of Southern Africa

A collection of 68 water-colours by C G Finch-Davies originally commissioned to illustrate Lt-Col Boyd Robert Horsbrugh's 1912 volume "The Game Birds and Water-fowl…

Lot 210

Finch-Davies, Claude Gibney (artist); Alan Kemp (text); C K Brain (foreword)

The Birds of Prey of Southern Africa

Lot 215

Fairbairn, William Alexander (author); P M Sumner (artist)

Some Game Birds of West Africa (1952)

Lot 260

Winterbottom, J M (reviser)

Priest's Eggs of Southern African Birds

(First published in 1948; revised edition, first impression 1971)

Lot 261

Hockey, P A R, W R Dean, P G Ryan ; G Arnott & other artists; Graca Machel (foreword)

Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa (seventh edition)

Compiled under the auspices of the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (a DST/NRF Centre of Excellence)

Lot 275

Andersson (Charles John)


And the adjacent territories of South-West Africa. Arranged and edited by John Henry Gurney, With some additional notes by the editor, and an introductory chapter…

Lot 318

Fry, C Hilary, Stuart Keith and Emil K Urban (series editors) and many others

The Birds of Africa, 1982-2004 (7 vols)

Lot 324

William Yarrell

A History Of British Birds

Illustrated by 520 wood-engravings.

Lot 335

Priest, Cecil D

The Birds of Southern Rhodesia (4 vols, 1933/1936)

Lot 356

Finch-Davies, C G (artist), Alan Kemp (text)

A Celebration of Birds. C G Finch-Davies's Final Album of Southern African Birds

Facsimile reproductions of 21 coloured paintings, each accompanied by page of handwritten notes, covering the period 28 March 1918 to 4 April 1920

Lot 357

Brown, Leslie, and Dean Amadon (authors); and many photographers

Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of the World (2 volumes in one)

Lot 358

Mackworth-Price, C W, and Captain C H B Grant

African Handbook of Birds. 1. Birds of Eastern and North-Eastern Africa. 2. Birds of the Southern Third of Africa. (2 volumes)

Lot 414

Mundy, Peter, Duncan Butchart, John Ledger, and Steven Piper; foreword by Ian Player

The Vultures of Africa

Published in association with the Vulture Study Group

Lot 419

Gargett, Valerie; P J Mundy (scientific editor); G Arnott and R Davies (artists)

The Black Eagle. A Study (signed)

In association with the Trustees of the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund

Lot 425

Clancey, Philip A (author and illustrator)

Kingfishers of Sub-Saharan Africa

Lot 437

Claude Gibney Finch-Davies

The Birds of Southern Africa (De Luxe Collector's Edition limited to 250 copies)

Colour plates by Claude Gibney Finch-Davies, text by Dr. Alan Kemp

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