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Lot 1


Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et modernes, Depuis l'origine de la Gravure, Par F. Basan, Graveur; Seconde édition

Extra-illustrated, 2 volumes expanded to 4. Important provenance

Lot 76

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[Twin Towers] “Looking South from 13th Street, 10.10 AM 8.IV.91” original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.

Lot 77

Nikolai Andreyevich RIMSKY-KORSAKOV. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[Portrait of Rimsky-Korsakov, original artwork]

Lot 78

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[President Demirel of Turkey, original artwork probably done for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 79

Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr (1929-1968) - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

Portrait of Martin Luther King, original artwork for The New York Times

Lot 80

Woody GUTHRIE & ‘LEAD BELLY’ - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b.1927).

“Woody Guthrie” “Lead Belly” [a double portrait, original artwork].

Lot 81

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[‘Split-screen’ views of ‘Tel Aviv’, original artwork]

Lot 82

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[The Film Set: a series of four original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 83

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

“L’Union de la Force” [the U.S. military being welcomed to Haiti in September 1994: artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 84

Margaret D. NEILSON (nee MACADAM. Illustrator & designer).

A collection of original sketches of Caribbean & S. American scenes (incl. Argentina), children (reminiscent of J.H. Dowd’s work).

Lot 85

UNITED NATIONS, 50th Anniversary in 1995 . - Barry FANTONI, Peter SCHRANK and others.

Original artwork for an [?unpublished] commemorative book to titled, ‘F UN 50 Cartoon Book.'

50 separate cartoons

Lot 86

TREES, LEWES Castle, etc.. – Henry William BURGESS, of 134 Sloane Street, Chelsea.)

A sketch book containing penciled sketches by an unknown hand, of trees, castles, etc., a few with identifiers and dates.

Lot 87

Arthur SCHOPENHAUER (1788-1860, philosopher). - John Rathbone HARVEY (1862-1933).

Original head and shoulders portrait of Arthur Schopenhauer, charcoal and pastel

Lot 88

Ralph STEADMAN (b. 1936)

[Original signed caricature portrait of Art Historian and Broadcaster Kenneth Clark, Lord Clark]

coruscating caricature of “one of the most influential figures in British art of the twentieth century” (wikipedia) - previously owned by Auberon Waugh.

Lot 89

CANADA/RUSSIA. - Valentin Firsov SHABAEFF (1891-1978)

An original study for ‘Hunting in XVI Century in Russia’.

Lot 90

Lanning ROPER (landscape architect). - Primrose HARLEY ROPER (1908-1978, artist).

[An original watercolor study of a blush of peonies]

Lot 91

Attributed to W H M TURNER (fl.1850 - 1887)

Two watercolor studies of cattle

Lot 92

William Sidney COOPER (1854-1927).

Two sketches: a blinkered horse's head and a horned cow.

Lot 93

Attr. to James WARD, R.A. (1769-1859)

Pencil and chalk study of a standing saddled horse, signed ‘J.W.’ lower left, on toned paper

Lot 94

Simon FOKKE (1712-1784, engraver)

Inscribed proof engraving, titled 'Leeuwendaal hersteld door de Vrede'

Lot 95

NOGAI in the UKRAINE. - A. GRUNFELD (artist)

A fine pair of portraits of two members of a leading Nogai family in Akkermen (present day, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine)

Lot 96

Attributed to Benjamin Robert HAYDON (1786 – 1846).

Two leaves with three pages of original sketches, pen and ink, one with wash added.

The artist considers the options: a fascinating insight into Haydon's working methods.

Lot 97

LONDON in the 18th century. - Attributed to J. ARMSTRONG (artist)

Original drawing titled “Halfway House to Stepney”

Lot 98

Jean COCTEAU (1889-1963, artist). - Leslie CHARTERIS (1907-1993).

An original coloured drawing of ‘The Saint’ stick-figure, seated on a chair, arms raised and spread wide, the sun and sea behind

inscribed ‘a / Leslie / Charteris / l’ami / Jean Cocteau / Cannes 1961’

Lot 99

DANCE, in America. Carnegie Hall (venue). – Liljan ESPENAK (1905-1988, dancer).

Original artwork for a poster/flyer “Carnegie Hall Recital Hall Friday May 12 [19]61 LILJAN ESPENAK Dance improvisation program

Lot 100

[Isaac] Robert CRUIKSHANK (1789-1856).

[Ostrich Racing], an original illustration

Lot 114

Samuel PROUT (1783-1852, artist).

Sketches at Home and Abroad. Hints on the Aquirement of Freedom of Execution and Breadth of Effect in Landscape Painting.

apparently unrecorded de luxe issue with the lates on India Paper mounted

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