Auction #114 - Children's Books

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Lot 292

[AESOP]. - J. GROUT, jr. (publisher)

[Aesop in English] The Book of Fables illustrated by engravings.

issue with fable title spelled correctly on p.17: an excellent copy

Lot 298

Johann Bernhard KUHN (1750-1826, publisher).

[Children's book, reading primer in German] A A a b c d e f ff g h [etc.]

probably incomplete, but see the charming hand-coloured woodcuts

Lot 299

Ernst Karl SCHÄFER & Rudolf KORADI (publishers)

Hoch-Deutsches Lutherisches ABC- und Namen-Buchlein fur Kinder welche anfangen zu lernen. Neue und verbesserte Ausgabe.

a charming work

Lot 373

Roald Dahl

The Gremlins, from the Walt Disney Production: A Royal Air Force Story (Author’s First Book)

Lot 375

Anthony Buckeridge

Jennings’ Little Hut (First Edition, 1951)

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