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SA Auction #96 - Natural History

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Lot 224

Smith, Stephen J.

The Atlas of Africa's Principal Mammals

Lot 262

Rev. W. Bingley

Animal Biography, or Popular Zoology; Illustrated by Authentic Anecdotes

of the Economy, Habits of Life, Instincts, and Sagacity, of the Animal Creation

Lot 263

William Robinson

The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal Of Gardening

In All Its Branches

Lot 266

R. Lydekker

Life and Rock

A Collection of Zoological and Geological Essays

Lot 305

Simon Noel

Between the Sunlight and The Thunder

The Wild Life of Kenya

Lot 314

Sir Andrew Smith

Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa (Limited Facsimile Edition)

Lot 319

E.L.L Pringle, G.A. Henning and J.B Ball (eds)

Pennington's Butterflies of Southern Africa (2nd, Sponsor's Edition)

Lot 356

Wells E F V

Lions Wild and Friendly : Close Ups of the King of Beasts

Lot 372

Fitzsimons (Vivian F.M.)


Lot 404

Trimen, Roland

Rhopalocera Africae Australis; a Catalogue of South African Butterflies

Comprising Descriptions of All the Known Species, with Notices of their Larvae, Pupae, Localities, Habits, Seasons of Appearance, and Geographical Distribution

Lot 503

Ron Thomson

A Game Warden’s Report: The State of Wildlife in Africa at the Start of the Third Millennium (Signed and Inscribed by Author)

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