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Auction #77 - Natural History

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Lot 158

Mills, Gus, and Lex Hes (compilers); John Hanks (foreword)

The Complete Books of Southern African Mammals

Lot 159

Marais, Johan (text), David Hadaway (artwork), Ian Whyte and Michelle & Steve Henley

Great Tuskers of Africa

A Celebration of Africa's Large Ivory Carriers

Lot 160

Hall-Martin, Anthony (text); Paul Bosman (paintings, maps and drawings)

Cats of Africa (Standard Edition)

Lot 168

Kure, Nils (author and photographer)

Living with Leopards (signed by Nils Kure)

Based on studies at Mala Mala, illustrated in two maps

Lot 169

Kuenkel, Reinhard

African Elephants (first impression, 1998)

Lot 172

Kruuk, Hans; N Tinbergen (foreword)

The Spotted Hyena. A Study of Predation and Social Behavior (first edition, 1972)

Wildlife Behavior and Ecology Series

Lot 192

Skead, C J (original author); Andre Boshoff, Graham Kerley, Peter Lloyd (editors)

Historical Incidence of the Larger Land Mammals in the Broader Western and Northern Cape

Foreword by Dr Morne du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Fund for Nature: South Africa

Lot 197

Turnbull-Kemp, Peter

The Leopard (1967)

Lot 201

Bothma, J du P (author); Clive Walker (illustrator); Steve Bales (foreword)

Larger Carnivores of the African Savannas (1999)

Lot 216

Shortridge, Captain G C; Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby (foreword)

The Mammals of South West Africa (2 vols, 1934)

A biological account of the forms occurring in that region

Lot 217

Roberts, Austin; R Bigalke, V Fitzsimons, D E Malan (eds); P J Smit (illustrations)

The Mammals of South Africa (second edition, 1954)

With a foreword by Lt-Col J Stevenson-Hamilton

Lot 307

ELL Pringle & GA Henning

Pennington's Butterflies of Southern Africa

Lot 310

Col HA Baker & EGH Oliver

Ericas in Southern Africa (Limited/De Luxe Edition)

Lot 317

Skinner, J D, and R H N Smithers (authors); Dick Findlay (colour illustrations)

The Mammals of the Southern African Subregion (second edition, 1990)

Lot 404

Bolus, L., and S. H. Skaife

Nature Notes [9 volumes]

Lot 412

Skaife, Dr S H (author and illustrator); Edward Cole (cover illustration)

What Animal Is That? Ford Guide to Animal Recognition in Southern Africa

Lot 439

Balfour, Daryl and Sharna; I Douglas-Hamilton, J Hanks and D Sheldrick (forewords)

African Elephants. A Celebration of Majesty

Lot 454

Vivian J. Wilson

Duikers of Africa.

Masters of the Forest Floor. A Study of Duikers - People - Hunting and Bushmeat.

Lot 455

Leslie H. Brown, Emil K. Urban, Kenneth Newman.

The Birds of Africa.

Lot 456

Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliot, Jordi Sargatal. (Editors.)

Handbook of the Birds of the World.

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