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SA Auction #84 - All Lots

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Lot 101

Dovey, Mike

The "Shipping Postmaster" Cancellations of South Africa. With signed letter.

Lot 102

Barber, William. A

The Impressed Duty Stamps of The British Colonial Empire

Updated Information to the FIRST EDITION

Lot 103

Parkes, Margaret & Williams, V.M

Knysna the Forgotten Port (Second Edition)

Lot 104

J.C. (Kay) de Villiers

Healers, Helpers and Hospitals (2 Volumes) Anglo-Boer War

Lot 105

Various contributors

Lot of Six- Books on Natal and Zululand

Lot 106

J. J. Oberholster

The Historical Monuments of South Africa (1972) - fine copy

Lot 107

Eric Rosenthal

The Rand Rush 1886 - 1911 Johannesburg's First 25 Years In Pictures - (de luxe edition limited to 100 signed copies)

Lot 108

Cynthia Giddy

CYCADS of South Africa - First edition 1974

Lot 109

City Guide

The City of Bulawayo Official Guide (First Edition, 1953)

Lot 110

Rhodesia Guide

Guide to Rhodesia for the use of Tourists & Settlers, with illustrations, maps & plans (1924)

Lot 111

St. C. A. Wallace

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Mashonaland Southern Rhodesia (1934)

Lot 112

St. C. A. Wallace

Zimbabwe. The Mysterious Southern Rhodesian Ruins (1936)

Lot 113

Arthur Keppel-Jones (Editor)

PHILIPPS, 1820 Settler

Lot 114

Christiaan Rudolf De Wet

Three Years War

Lot 115

Dr Paul H Butterfield

War and Peace in South Africa 1879-1881

The writings of Philip Anstruther and Edward Essex

Lot 116

Hatherley Distillery Worker.

Glass Walking Stick - "End-of-the-day", "Whimsy", or "Frigger."

Lot 117

Robert Broom, J. T. Robinson, G. W. H. Scheepers

Sterkfontein Ape-Man Plesianthropus (1950)

Lot 118

Elizabeth Goodall, C. K. Cooke, J. Desmond Clark

Prehistoric Rock Art of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland (1959)

Lot 119

Abbe Henri Breuil

PHILIPP CAVE (1957) - edition limited to 1,330 copies

Volume two in the series "The Rock Paintings of Southern Africa"

Lot 120

Abbe Henri Breuil

THE TSISAB RAVINE and other Brandberg Sites (1959) - edition limited to 1,146 copies

Volume three in the series "The Rock Paintings of Southern Africa"

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