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23 Jan 2020 16:30 GMT

Auction #80 - Postal History & Stamps

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Lot 26

Adema, Kees

Netherlands Mail in Times of Turmoil Volume I 1568-1795

Lot 65

Stroud, Richard

Ceylon - The Camps for Boer Prisoners of War 1900 to 1902

Their Postal History

Lot 66

Frescura, Franco

The Cape Post Office during the South African Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902

Occasional Paper No 16

Lot 67

Drysdall, Alan .R

Rhodesia's Role in the Second Anglo Boer War

Lot 74

Buckley,G.D and Marriott, W.B

The Stamps of the Orange Free State - 3 Volumes

Lot 262

Smith, R C


Subject to its stamps, Posts and Telegraphs.

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