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Auction #78 - Postal History & Stamps

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Lot 57

Frescura, Franco

The Post Office of the Cape of Good Hope 1792-1910- 2 Volume Set. (Signed and numbered 44)

Lot 58

Allison, Robert

The Postal History of the Orange Free State 1830-1900 + DVD

Lot 59

Frescura, Franco

Postal Cancellers of the Cape 1853-1910.

Lot 60

Hagen,H.S and Naylor,S.P.

Railway Postal History of South Africa

The Close Association between Railway and Postal Services.

Lot 61

Putzel, Ralph.F

The Encyclopaedia of South African Post Offices and Postal Agencies- 4. Volume Set

(Including their forerunners in the Cape, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal, Basutolan in the field ofd, Bechuanaland and Swaziland, etc)

Lot 62

Putzel, Ralph.F

The Postmarks of South Africa and Former States and Colonies- (Numbered 9/ 225 copies-signed) 10 Volume SET

Including commemorative postmarks, but excluding machine postmarks

Lot 63

Drysdall, Alan.R

Transvaal Railway Stamps & Travelling Post Offices

Including Addenda to Volumes 1 & 2

Lot 65


The Special & Commemorative Postmarks, Cachets & Covers of South Africa 1892-1975 (Signed & Numbered 205/900 copies)

Lot 66

Becker, Natie

The Overprinted Stamps of South West Africa to 1930

Lot 128


Blindman's Mail

How the Blind have been Served by the Post

Lot 133

Putzel, Ralph.F

Handbook of Postmarks of South West Africa under South African Administration

A Comprehensive Study 1914--1977

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