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Auction #79 - Postal History & Stamps

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Lot 68

Dickson, John & Hanman, Keith

The Postal Stationery of Natal-First Edition

Lot 72


Great Britain: The De La Rue Years 1878-1910- 2 Volumes

Lot 85

Drysdall, Alan.R. Dr & Criddle, Harold.M. Major

The Tete Beche Varieties of Transvaal (Signed)

Lot 86

Drysdall, Alan.R

Transvaal.The Provisional Issues of the First British Occupation (Signed)

Lot 87

Proud, Edward B.

The History of the South African Army Postal Service

Lot 88


Ascension. The Stamps and Postal History

Lot 91

Cooksey, Christopher. J & Harrop, Keith. G

The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia During World War II

Lot 93

Henning H.F.

East Africa World War II

Lot 94

Hibbert, Edward

St.Helena Postal History and Stamps

Lot 95

Easton, John

The De La Rue History of British & Foreign Postage Stamps

Lot 115

Moubray, Jane & Michael

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875

Lot 116

Fryer, Gavin and Akerman, Clive (Edited)

The Reform of the Post Office 2 Volume Set. Limited Edition 159 of 650 copies.

Lot 175

Hoskings, Roger- Comiled & redesigned by Keith Dovey & Keith Morris.

Paquebot Cancellations of the World and more.... 4th Edition

Lot 176


Camp Mail of Italian Priosners of War of War & Civilian Internees in East Africa 1940-1947

Lot 177

Percy de Worms. Extracted, with a Commentary by the late....

Perkins Bacon Records Volumes I & II

Lot 241

Trapnell, David

Who Goes There? (Signed Copy)

The Postal History of British Prisoner of War Camps in the Middle East in World War II

Lot 242

Clark, Rex

Rates to Reform

A Guide to the High Postage Rates in Great Britain and their Reform, 1812-1840

Lot 243


Return to Sender-Devices Used to Identify Service Suspended Mails During WWII

Lot 244


London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930

Lot 281


South Africa. Post Office Maps (Original Manuscript)

Lot 303


Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving (1981 Edition)

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