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US Auction #3 - Paintings & Works of Art

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Lot 80

Nikolai Andreyevich RIMSKY-KORSAKOV. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[Portrait of Rimsky-Korsakov, original artwork]

Lot 81

Woody GUTHRIE & ‘LEAD BELLY’ - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b.1927).

“Woody Guthrie” “Lead Belly” [a double portrait, original artwork].

Lot 82

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[‘Split-screen’ views of ‘Tel Aviv’, original artwork]

Lot 83

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[The Film Set: a series of four original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 86

PLAYBOY MAGAZINE - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927)

“Spicy MYSTERY 25c” [original artwork for Playboy Magazine.]

The Artist offers his own unique vision of a ‘typical’ front cover of the ‘pulp’ magazine of the same name.

Lot 87

FORTUNE MAGAZINE - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[“Fortune / The Missouri / River / 196?”, original artwork for Playboy Magazine.]

An exuberant and atmospheric nighttime view of the Big Muddy - from the Artist's own collection

Lot 88

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[‘BFO Menswear’ view of the shopfront, original artwork]

A New York City landmark - from the Artist's own collection

Lot 89

THE YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[‘Topless’, original artwork]

original monoprint from the Artist's own collection.

Lot 90

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[Skydiving, Ellington Connecticut, original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

a dream come true?: from the Artist's own collection.

Lot 91

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

'Some Tom Foolery. The Clowns’, original artwork.

the Clowns pose for a (surely-ironic) formal group portrait

Lot 92

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

‘Dancer’, original artwork]

Lot 94

NIETZSCHE off-Broadway. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

‘Bad Boy Nietzsche’ triptych, original artwork

By Richard Foreman, starring Juliana Francis and Gary Wilmes

Lot 97

AMERICAN MODERNIST Painter. - Marsden HARTLEY. - Ivan OPFFER (1897-1980, artist).

Original caricature portrait of artist Marsden Hartley

Lot 117

Herman Caspar von POST (1828-1913).

Three pen and ink drawings of Crawford Notch, in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire,

possibly executed using a camera lucida?. One inscribed and dated ‘from Crawford House / 1897’.

Lot 118

Herman Caspar von POST (1828-1913).

A pen and ink drawing of Dismal Pool (now in Crawford Notch State Park in the New Hampshire White Mountains)

Lot 162

Stefano DELLA BELLA (1610-1664).

Figvre della festa a cavallo, rappresentata nel teatro del .. gran dvca di Toscana il di. 15, luglio 1637.

Lot 164

ANTI-VIETNAM Peace Movement. - Pete SEEGER (1919-2014) – George SHAWE (artist).

Original artwork, titled “New York Theatre Guild Peace Rally – Times Square Nov 13, 1969’, signed ‘George Shawe’.

Lot 166

GUGGENHEIM Foundation Fellowship Winner - Sid HAMMER (1926-1969, artist).


This series "garnered critical acclaim, and was purchased by the National Gallery, the MOMA, the Met, and The New York Public Library…"

Lot 167

Arthur SCHOPENHAUER (1788-1860). - John Rathbone HARVEY RBSA (1862-1933).

Original head and shoulders portrait of Arthur Schopenhauer, charcoal and pastel,

Lot 168

[RUSSIAN School] - Valentin Firsov SHABAEFF (1891-1978)

An original study for ‘Hunting in XVI Century in Russia’

The artist acknowledges and updates the traditions of the icon: St. George becomes a Russian nobleman but the beloved conventions remain.

Lot 169

CALIFORNIA Landscape Watercolor. - Davis Francis SCHWARTZ (1879-1969).

Original watercolor, titled "Old Barn in Walnut Creek".

Lot 170


Diorama titled "Inlet Early Spring"

Lot 171

Primrose HARLEY ROPER (1908-1978, artist).

[An original watercolor study of a blush of peonies]

Wife of, and collaborator with Lanning Roper, American garden designer and landscape architect.

Lot 172

BRAZIL, botany. - Attributed to Augusta Innes WITHERS (1792-1877).

[Gesneria douglasii (named by Lindley in 1826, now Sinningia douglasii], original artwork

Lot 173

VILMORIN-ANDRIEUX & Cie, (seed merchants). - Elisa CHAMPIN & Joséphine COUTANCE

Original pencil and watercolor botanical drawing +2 'Album Vilmorin' hand-colored lithographs

Lot 175

CHINA, Company School (Chinese artist, late-18th century).

[Tobacco plant] An original painting on thin laid paper, titled lower right “Nicotiana Fruticosa / Chinese Tobacco”.

Lot 176

DADA. - John HEARTFIELD (1891-1968, designer).

An inscribed printed progress proof of Heartfield’s design for the dust-jacket of ‘Europe in Bondage Edited by by John Armitage’

Lot 177

LONDON in the 18th century. - Attributed to T. ARMSTRONG (artist)

Original drawing titled “Halfway House to Stepney”

Lot 178

[John BRADLEY, designer/artist]. - VANDEN PLAS (coachbuilders)].

4.3 ALVIS Concealed Head Coupé Regd. Dsgn. 1454. An original Vanden Plas concept design

drawing by John Bradley, white line gouache and wash, on board

Lot 179

Jean COCTEAU (1889-1963, artist). - Leslie CHARTERIS (1907-1993).

An original coloured drawing of ‘The Saint’ stick-figure, seated on a chair, arms raised and spread wide, the sun and sea behind

inscribed ‘a / Leslie / Charteris / l’ami / Jean Cocteau / Cannes 1961’

Lot 180

NOGAI in the UKRAINE. - A. GRUNFELD (artist)

A fine pair of portraits of two members of a leading Nogai family in Akkermen (present day, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine)

Lot 183

GAME FISHING, Long Island. - Edward James MATHEWS (author, artist and architect).

[Swordfish fishing - a collection of signed limited lithographs and the publications in which they appeared]

the Hemingway-esque enthusiams of a distinguished American architect in words and images

Lot 191

[POLYNESIA ?] - [UNKOWN Artist, 20th century]

[Original artwork ilustrating a fable probably set in Polynesia]

49 original watercolors

Lot 192

Michael MCCURDY (1942-2016, author and artist).

An original wood engraving "Soldier and Devils"

an 'artist's proof' of the image used as the frontispiece to 'The Devils who learned to be Good' + a copy fo the book

Lot 198

Samuel PROUT (1783-1852, artist).

Sketches at Home and Abroad. Hints on the Aquirement of Freedom of Execution and Breadth of Effect in Landscape Painting.

apparently unrecorded de luxe issue with the lates on India Paper mounted

Lot 207

Rick TURNER (artist).

“Inner Tube / Austins Only Surf Shop / Summer / Things / Custom / Surfboards”

from the artist's own collection

Lot 208

Rick TURNER (artist)

[Rauls calendar] “Modern / Art / Alive / at / Rauls”.

from the artist's own collection

Lot 209

Rick TURNER (artist)

“Devo / devo / August 2 / Armadillo”

from the artist's own collection

Lot 210

Rick TURNER (artist)

[Waylon Jennings] “Attention Citizenry A Hoedown at the Armadillo World Headquarters Mr. Waylon Jennings

from the artist's own collection

Lot 211

Rick TURNER (artist)

“Darryl Rhoades & / The / Hahavishnu / Orchestra / with Andy Pratt / Aug. 31 Sept. 1 at Armadillo / World / Hdqrs.”

from the artist's own collection

Lot 212

Rick TURNER (artist)

“Austin New Wave Underground / Rev. Neil X / KUT / FM / Sunday March 4 . 11 pm – 2.”

from the artist's own collection

Lot 213

Rick TURNER (artist)

[2012 Solo Exhibition] "Last Show before the End of the World"

Limited, numbered and signed by the artist

Lot 214

Rick TURNER (artist)

"Punk Pioneers" [2011 poster for show at SouthPop, South Austin Popular Culture Center]

Lot 215

Risaburo KIMURA (Japanese, 1924-2014).

City 99.

Lot 226

Lydia Huntley SIGOURNEY (1791 – 1865). – [19th-century School, ENGLISH or AMERICAN].

An original pastel and pencil portrait on board, label to verso “Portrait of Mrs. Sigourney / From Lord Calthorpe’s Coll.[ection]”

‘the sweet singer of Hartford,’ one of the first American women to succeed at a literary career.

Lot 228

Margaret D. NEILSON (nee MACADAM. Illustrator & designer).

A collection of 49 sheets of original sketches of Caribbean and South American community scenes, and children

Lot 242

Horace Walter TUCK (1876 -1951, artist).

An assembled album of original woodcuts

subjects include rural life, the Norfolk Broads and boats

Lot 250

Sir Roy STRONG (b.1935). - Bryan ORGAN (artist, b.1935).

[An original portrait study of Roy Strong, the subject seated looking straight ahead]

“In his role as face-maker Bryan Organ emerges as one of the two or three painters of his generation to make any significant statement, let alone display any…

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