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US Auction #2 - Paintings & Works of Art

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Lot 75

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE Inc. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[The Shelling of the Russian ‘Moscow White House’ in October 1993, original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 118

SALMON Fishing. - Frank W. BENSON (1862–1951, artist)


The one that got away: unsold in the first sale (lot 81), now re-offered with a slightly lower reserve.

Lot 121

CHINA, Company School (Chinese artist, late-18th century).

[Tobacco plant] An original painting on thin laid paper, titled lower right “Nicotiana Fruticosa / Chinese Tobacco”.

Lot 123

Ivan MOSCA (1915-2005)

The Little Book of Insects

forword by Renzo Nissim

Lot 134

Walton FORD (b.1960, artist) [& Bill BUFORD].

Walton Ford: Pancha Tantra. Directed and produced by Benedikt Taschen.

Unsold in sale #1: Walton Ford signs and adds a small sketch of Cheetahs.

Lot 138

George DU MAURIER (1834-1896, artist). – Thomas ROBINSON (1806-1885, engraver).

Original engraved wooden printing block with manuscript titling to one side “Our Brilliant Failure / 1865 / G. du Maurier”

What connects W.H. Robinson and D. du Maurier? Their grandfathers in two.

Lot 141

Vincent DRENNAN (1902-1983?).

Original artwork: an assembled album “Seeking Reality of True Love, Each Tear has the Beauty of a Star”.

Unsold in sale number 1: quite a substantial collection of the artist's work, displaying the use of various techniques, here gathered ino a single very attrecative…

Lot 154

John HEARTFIELD (1891-1968, designer).

An inscribed progress proof of Heartfield’s design for the dust-jacket of ‘Europe in Bondage Edited by by John Armitage’

Lot 168

AMERICAN MODERNIST Painter. - Marsden HARTLEY (1877-1943). - Ivan OPFFER (artist).

Original caricature portrait of artist Marsden Hartley

unsold in sale #1: this is one of Opffer's more important images and worth a second look

Lot 169

1913 ARMORY SHOW participant, NYC. - Samuel Wood GAYLOR (1883-1957, artist).

A small collection of five etchings (4 of female nudes), all signed, three also dated 1915 or 1916

unsold in the 1st sale - an interesting offshot from an artist who was there: worth a second look

Lot 171

NEW HAMPSHIRE. - Herman Caspar von POST (1828-1913).

Three pen and ink drawings of Crawford Notch, in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire

unsold in sale #1: the historical importance to the locality is obvious, so worth a second go.

Lot 172

GAME FISHING, Long Island. - Edward James MATHEWS (author, artist and architect).

[Swordfish fishing - a collection of signed limited lithographs and the publications in which they appeared]

unsold in sale #1: the Hemingway-esque enthusiams of a distinguished American architect are worth a second look

Lot 173

THE BEATLES, RINGO Starr [Sir Richard STARKEY (b.1940)] - Al HIRSCHFELD (1903-2003).

Caricature portrait of Ringo Starr

unsold in sale #1: reoffered here with a lowered estimate and reserve

Lot 174

CONNECTICUT Map, Roxbury, Washington & New Milford. – Will SIMMONS (1884-1949).

‘Judds Bridge’ [Connecticut, a dry-point etched map]

unsold in sale #1: charming and very rare - worth a second outing

Lot 202

GUGGENHEIM Foundation Fellowship Winner - Sid HAMMER (1926-1969, artist).


This was unsold in sale #1 - an extraordinary production in so many ways: it deserves a second outing.

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