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Fontein Books

Fontein Books Richard Proctor-Sims

P O Box 193 Philippolis 9970

South Africa

051 773 0050/048 079 546 4032

We have uploaded 40 lots (comprising 48 books) for Auction #80, with many at the minimum auction reserve of $40, and several more or much more valuable items as well.

Eighteen categories are represented: Africana (1), Anglo-Boer War (3), Architecture (1), Art (4), Ethnography (4), Biography (4), Botany (1), Ethnography (3), History (4), Illustrated Books (1), Library Sets (1), Medical (1), Military and Naval (3), Mining (2), Modern First Editions (3), Natural History (1), Ornithology (2), Science (1), Shipping (1) and Travel and Exploration (1).

Fontein Books was established in Pretoria forty years ago as a publisher and bookseller.

We have been active on Antiquarian Auctions since its inception a decade ago.

Our current physical bookshop and art gallery are located in an 1881 Victorian house in Philippolis, which was the first settlement (1822) in Southern Africa north of the Gariep or Orange (with the exception of Maputo, which goes back to the Portuguese occupation in about 1505). We also now have some books in Johannesburg (telephones +27 79 546 4032 / + 27 11 783 6577).

Except where there is a compelling reason for a damaged book to be listed in that condition, we use our own bookbinder and restorer to give the copy a new lease of life.

You are welcome to visit our bookshop or to contact us if you have an enquiry about any of our lots or generally, or would like information about selling on auction on your behalf. 

Lots in auction #80

Lot 40

Baines, the late Thomas; H Hall (editor); unknown (preface); H Rawlinson (obituary)

The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa (1877)

Lot 43

Campbell, Roy (poet)

The Flaming Terrapin (1924)

Lot 44

Tyrrell, Barbara (author and illustrator); and others

Barbara Tyrrell trio

Lot 45

Breytenbach, J H, (Staatshistorikus [State Historian])

Die Geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Africa, 1899 -1902 (2 volumes [of 5], 1969-1971)

Lot 46


Medical Registers: 1. Orange River Colony (1904); 2. Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (1907); 3. Union of South Africa (1933)

Lot 47

Cairns, Margaret; Wilhelm Gruter (editor)

Cradle of Commerce (1974)

Lot 48

Brooke Simons, Phillida, and Michael Godby

The Life and Work of Charles Bell (signed by the first author)

Lot 49

Defence Headquarters, Pretoria

Union Military Discipline Code, Regulations, and Orders and Instructions (1913)

Lot 50

Lotsy, Dr J P, and Dr H N Kooiman (editors) (*)

Genetica. Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Erfelijkheids- en Afstammingsleer (No 10, in English, 1928) (*)

Lot 51

Grogan, Tony (artist and author)

Between the Cape and Cairo. Tony Grogan paints Malawi (dedicated by the author) (1995)

Lot 52

Smuts, J C

Greater South Africa. Plans for a Better World. The Speeches of J C Smuts (1940)

Lot 53

Molsbergen, Dr E C Godee

Stichter van Hollands Zuid-Afrika Jan van Riebeeck 1618-1677 (1912)

Lot 54

Mossop, George

Running the Gauntlet (two copies: first edition,1935, and 1990 reprint)

Lot 55

Not stated

Cape Town Foreshore Plan. Final Plan (1948)

Lot 56


Women of South Africa (1913)

Lot 57

Boonzaaier, P C (artist)

Rand Faces (1915)

Lot 58

Ian Knight

Three Zulu War titles (two dedicated by author)

Lot 59

Puyfontaine, Huguette Roy de

Louis Michell Thibault 1750-1815 (1972)

Lot 60

Routledge FRGS, Edmund (editor)

Every Boy's Annual (1884)

Lot 61

Echard, Laurence (editor and publisher)

An Abridgement of Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World (1698)

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