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Fontein Books

Fontein Books Richard Proctor-Sims

P O Box 193 Philippolis 9970

South Africa

051 773 0050/048 079 546 4032

Fontein Books has 59 lots on auction #78, representing a total of 141 books - fewer lots than last time, about the same number of books, but more varied, with one or more lots in 21 categories - from Africana, Anglo-Boer War, Architecture, Biography, Churcilliana, Engineering & Science, Ethnology, Genealogy, History, Illustrated Books, Law and Government, Literature, Military and Naval, Mining, Natural History, Photography, Rhodesiana, SWANamibia, Topographical Books, Transport and Travel and Exploration.

Fontein was established more than forty years ago as a publisher and bookseller. We have been active on Antiquarian Auctions since its Auction #1.

Our current physical bookshop is located in an 1881 Victorian house in Philippolis, which was the first settlement (1822) in Southern Africa north of the Gariep or Orange (with the exception of Maputo, which goes back to the Portuguese occupation in about 1505). We also now have some books in Johannesburg (telephones +27 79 546 4032 / + 27 11 783 6577).

Except where there is a compelling reason for a damaged book to be listed in that condition, we use our own bookbinder and restorer to give the copy a new lease of life.

You are welcom to contact us if you have an enquiry about any of our lots or would like to see more images. 

If you are in South Africa and give us your physical address, we will courier your books at no cost to you.










Results in auction #78

Lot 54

Crozier, Mary

An Old Silk Family 1745-1945 (1947)

Lot 55

Fordyce, W (author); Thomas Hair (engravings)

Coal, Coke, Coalfields and Iron Manufacture in Northern England. A History (1860/1973)

Lot 106

Le Roux, Servaas D

Pioneers and Sportsmen of South Africa 1760-1880 (dedication by author) (1939)

Lot 109

Bosman, Paul, and Antony Hall-Martin; U de V Pienaar (foreword)

The Magnificent Seven. And Other Great Tuskers of the Kruger National Park (1994)

Lot 114

Bulpin, T V (author); and various photographers

Southern Africa Land of Beauty and Splendour (signed numbered deluxe edition) (1976)

Lot 125

Holland, Frank

Steam Locomotives of the South African Railways (2 vols) (1971 and 1972)

Lot 155

Elliot and Fry and many other photographers; anonymous text of Summary of the War

The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1900. An Album of upwards of Three Hundred Photographic Engravings

Lot 156

Neethling, E

Should We Forget? (1913)

Lot 159

Dixie, Lady Florence; Major Fraser and Captain Beresford (artists)

In the Land of Misfortune (1882) (finely rebound in maroon and green calf)

Lot 163

Drennan, M R, Professor of Anatomy, University of Cape Town; preface by General Smuts

Gogga Brown. The life-story of Alfred Brown, South Africa's Hermit-Naturalist. Told from his Journal [1940s]

Lot 166

Theal, Dr George McCall

12 Volumes of Swan Sonnenschein editions of History and Ethnography of South African and History of South Africa

Lot 168

Sauer, J W (chairman), and others

Petition of Dr G M Theal. Report of the Select Committee (1906)

Lot 171

Theal, Dr George McCall

The Nineteenth Century Series. Progress of South Africa in the Century (1902)

Lot 174

Theal, Dr George McCall

Willem Adriaan van der Stel. And Other Historical Sketches (1913)

Lot 204

Mackenzie, John, of the London Missionary Society

Ten Years North of the Orange River. A Story of Everyday Life and Work Among the South Africa Tribes. From 1859 to 1869 (1871)

Lot 205

Statham, F Reginald

South Africa As It Is (1897)

Lot 210

Cape of Good Hope House of Assembly

Three Cape of Good Hope Blue Books on the Wine Trade (1860, 1865, 1880)

Lot 273

Mathers, Edward P, FRGS

The Gold Fields Revisited. Being Further Glimpses of the Gold Fields of South Africa (1887)

Lot 279

Ralph, Julian (one of the editors of "The Friend" Newspaper)

War's Brighter Side. The story of "The Friend" edited by the correspondents with Lord Roberts's forces, March-April 1900 (1901)

Lot 281

Scott Elliott, G F

A Naturalist in Mid-Africa. Being an Account of a Journey to the Mountains of the Moon and Tanganyika (1896)

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