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SA Auction #100 begins on 14 Jul 2022

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Fontein Books

Fontein Books Richard Proctor-Sims

P O Box 193 Philippolis 9970

South Africa

[email protected]

051 773 0050/048 079 546 4032

Of the 10 Fontein Books items on the current auction. Lot 526 is by far the most remarkable, and scarce. It is a slightly larger than A4 blue cloth-board box containing 17 folding drawings or plans (one missing and two duplicated) by A Bugler of "HMS Victory. Building and Restoration" (HMSO, 1970), plus, very unusually, 26 further A4 drawings by Christine Warburton and L Glover. We have not been able to trace a single copy of this item -- with or without the additional drawings -- on the internet. The original complete set of this title comprised two volumes, text and drawings of plans, and was published in 1966. The drawings or plans in the 1970 box may have been reprinted from the 1966 set, but the additional A4 drawings are dated 1970. One copy (only) of the 1966 Vol I (Text) is quoted on the internet at $295



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