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Trillium Antiquarian Books - SA

Trillium Antiquarian Books - SA William Van Nest

1285 Albertus Avenue, Peterborough, ON, Canada K9J 6A4


[email protected]


Trillium Antiquarian Books has been selling scarce, out-of-print books on the Internet since 1998 and, earlier, by traditional mail order. Look for us at book fairs in Ontario and the American northeast, where we have exhibited during the past ten years or so. Trillium Grandiflorum, from which we take our name, is the provincial flower of Ontario, Canada, appearing in snowy white drifts in the hardwoods each Spring.

Trillium's Catalogue of Antiquarian Books comprises several collections-- notably Country Life, Natural History, and Canadiana. We are always on the lookout for antiquarian books on gardening, farming, and angling. My earliest interest is ornithology, birds and bird books, and so Alexander Wilson's bird books may be on offer or Bewick's or Morris's. Look for early botanical studies of native plants and flower books (I do not shrink from some Latin here). You will find the work of those who journeyed in the name of science or merely out of curiosity to the Arctic, the Yucatan, or the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Our Canadiana collection includes important early works by settlers in this part of English Canada-- what used to be called Upper Canada, but you will find, too, reports on the Canadian arctic and the reflections of British visitors and wandering Americans. The Trillium Catalogue offers as well a collection of maps, lithographs, and engravings which have become separated from their texts but are of interest in their own right.

We are always interested in buying antiquarian books to supplement our catalogue, whether single volumes or complete collections.

Trillium Antiquarian Books is owned by William Van Nest, 1285 Albertus Avenue, Peterborough, ON, Canada K9J 6A4.
(Telephone) 1-705-749-0461
(e-Mail) [email protected]
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Member, IOBA

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