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Shadowrock Rare Books

Shadowrock Rare Books Adam Langlands

27 Cleaveland Street, Lakeville, Connecticut, 06039

United States


Shadowrock Rare Books: a new book business by an old bookman. Starting in the 1970s, Adam Langlands has worked for most of the great auction houses, and been associated with a number of the greatest dealers. He has examined, researched and catalogued a huge range of books representing many subjects, languages, techniques, dates and price-points: from 'Sky-Hi A trip into space with Terry' (1952, kid's transformational book, value $100+) to the Fox/Bute copy of Audubon's 'Double-Elephant Folio' (sold at auction for $8,802,500).  Inspired by their recent move to a home which previously belonged to both George Simenon (of Maigret fame) and Seymour Hacker (founder of Hacker Art Books), Adam and Susu Langlands have decided to continue the literary connection and set up Shadowrock Rare Books. Today's global online marketplace means that there is a danger that the call of the unique will get drowned out by the cries of the banal: it is the mission of Shadowrock Rare Books to rescue and highlight these gems.

Results in auction #82

Lot 9

Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927)

[Movies / 13 Hand Colored / etchings / By / Robert Andrew Parker / W. Cornwall CT].

Lot 13

[Jazz: Chick WEBB, Ella FITZGERALD and others.]. – Robert Andrew PARKER (artist).

Savoy 12 Etchings about the Savoy Ballroom 1938.

Lot 16

[LEXICON]. – Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927).

[“A Yiddish Lexicon / Volume One [all published] / Words that have practically entered the English language

Lot 22

[MORMONISM, the Book of Mormon]. - Rev John Alonzo CLARK (1801-1843).

Gleanings by the Way.

Lot 24

Leonard COHEN (1934-2016).

The Favorite Game a novel.

Lot 33

Frederick H. TEESE (1823-1894, U.S. Rep. from New Jersey). – John TORREY (1796-1873).

Manuscript notebook containing ‘Lectures On Botany Delivered before the Sophomore Class of 1841 By Dr. Torrey.

Lot 40


[Three books by Elmore Leonard]

Lot 44

Bruce ROGERS (designer). - Jonathan SWIFT.

A Voyage to Lilliput… [and]; A Voyage to Brobdingnag by Dr. Lemuel Gulliver.

Lot 45


The Russian Tea Room Cookbook … Introduction by Clive Barnes

Lot 48

AMERICAN SOCIALIST in Paris. - George WILKES (1817-1885)

The Internationale: Its Principles and Purposes. Being a Sequel to the Defense of the Commune.

Lot 54

Lucille CORCOS (1909-1973, artist)

Original artwork, a section of a theatre audience viewed from the stage

Lot 55

Robert ‘Bob’ Theodore MCCALL (1919-2010)

[The Music Room windows], a pair of original paintings, gouache, watercolor and wash

Lot 56

Grover CLEVELAND (22nd and 24th President of the United States). – Robert MCELROY.

Grover Cleveland. The Man and the Statesman. An Authorized Biography [Introduction by Elihu Root].

Lot 58

Igor Ivan SIKORSKY (1889-1972). - George BUIVID (1917-1966, compiler).

[Chicago World's Fair] Photo Album including journey to the fair in Igor Sikorsky’s seaplane.

Lot 60

James Montgomery FLAGG (1877-1960, artist).

Original character study of a bearded African American man seated on a box, laughing.

Lot 61

[FREEMASONS and American politics]. - Paul Frederick BERDANIER (1879-1961, artist).

A character dressed as Father Christmas (but wearing a blue Freemason’s Grand Master hat), leaves the District Deputy a present

Lot 69


Of All Things.

Lot 74


A collection of approx. 390 political & protest buttons

Lot 75

NEW YORKER. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist). - Ewan MCGREGOR and others.

"Brassed Off" - Original pencil and watercolor drawing of three characters

Lot 76

Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927, artist). – Sam NEILL, Rachel WARD & ? Jennifer CLARE.

[‘The Good Wife’?] original pencil and watercolor artwork probably intended for a New Yorker Magazine illustration

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