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Lot 62

Captain Alfred W. Drayson (A.W. Drayson, Alfred Wilkes Drayson)

Sporting Scenes Amongst the Kaffirs of South Africa (FIRST EDITION)

Lot 63

Abbé Danet

Grand Dictionnaire Français-Latin

Lot 64

Edmondo De Amicis


Lot 65

Qing Yu Wang

Dazu Rock Carving Museum. Dazu Rock Carvings of China

Lot 66

Charles John Andersson

LAKE NGAMI (with lithographs)

Or, Explorations and Discoveries, During Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa

Lot 67

Charles John Andersson

THE OKAVANGO RIVER (first British edition)

A Narrative of Travel, Exploration and Adventure. With numerous illustrations.

Lot 68

Dickson, John & Hanman, Keith

The Postal Stationery of Natal-First Edition

Lot 69

Maxwell- "Vangama"

Tales of the Road in Old Natal

Lot 70

Cole, Barbara

The Elite-Rhodesian Special Air Force. Limited De Luxe Edition 828 of 1500 copies. Signed and Inscribed.

Lot 71

Eduard Wagner, Zoroslava Drobna, Jan Durdik.

Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons. (1350 - 1450.)

Lot 72


Great Britain: The De La Rue Years 1878-1910- 2 Volumes

Lot 73

Central News Agency. (Compilers.)

Strike Album. Johannesburg, July, 1913.

Lot 74

Martínez Bande, José Manuel.

Communist intervention in the Spanish war (1936-1939)

Lot 75

Bird, A V (author and editor); C S Barlow (foreword); and others

The paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa (number 12 of signed first edition limited to 300 copies) (1976)

Plates from original paintings by Norman C K Lighton

Lot 76

1. Parliamentary Draughtsmen; 2. Sir Robert Tredgold (editor) and others

1. Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The Federal Scheme; 2. The Pioneer. Volume I

1. Prepared by a Conference held in London in January 1953. Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and the Secretary of State…

Lot 77

Lady Anne Barnard and others

Small Lady Anne Barnard collection

Lot 78

Aubertin, J J

Six Months in the Cape Colony and Natal and One Month in Tenerife and Madeira (1886)

Lot 79

Maydon, Major H C (editor), Duke of Gloucester, Col Stevenson-Hamilton and others

Big Game Shooting in Africa (1932)

The Lonsdale Library Vol XIV. With more than one hundred illustrations

Lot 80

Van der Poel, Jean; John Hays Hammond

1. The Jameson Raid (1951) 2. The Truth about the Jameson Raid as Related to Alleyne Ireland (1918)

Lot 81

Heydenrych, Heinie, and Bruno Martin

The Natal Main Line Story (1992)

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