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Lot 40

Le Noel, Chistian

On Target. (Signed and Numbered 441 of 1000 copies)

History and Hunting in Central Africa

Lot 45

Del Rosal, Jorge

My Hunting (First Edition)

Lot 47

Everett, Fred

Tuskers in the Dust (Signed and Numbered First Edition-495 of 1000 copies)

Lot 48

Harland, Richard

African Epic (Signed and Numbered edition 44 of 200 copies)

The Story of Paul 'Kambada' Grobler

Lot 50

Gerald Miller

Lives of a Professional Hunting Family. (Signed & Numbered First Edition-578 of 1000 copies)

Lot 52

Chandler, David

Legends of the African Frontier.(Signed and numbered first edition - 388 of 500copies)

Lot 55

Bleazard, Stan

Sunset Tales of Safariland (Signed and Numbered First Edition-157 of 1000 copies)

Lot 57

Everett, Fred

Heat, Thirst & Ivory. (Signed and numbered first edition. 310/1000 copies)

Elephant and Other Hunting Adventures in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola

Lot 58

Terry Irwin

Memoirs of an African Hunter (Signed & Numbered first edition-705 of 1000 copies)

A Narrative of a professional Hunter's Experiences in Africa

Lot 62

Dr. John Hewitt.

SARAWAK. Postcards, Photographs, & Glass Photographic Plates taken by Dr. John Hewitt in Sarawak. 1905 - 1908.

Lot 63

Dr. John Hewitt.

100 Magic Lantern Slides of Sarawak. 1905-1908.

Lot 64

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles - (First Colonial Edition 1902)

Lot 65

Emily Hobhouse

War Without Glamour -or- Women's War Experiences written by themselves 1899 - 1902

Historical Records Collected and Translated by Emily Hobhouse

Lot 66

J. D. Kestell

Christiaan De Wet (Signed by General De Wet on front end paper)

Lot 67

Bird, A V (author and editor); C S Barlow (foreword); and others

The paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa (number 68 of signed subscribers' edition of 350 copies)

Plates from original paintings by Norman C K Lighton

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