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Lot 388

["Norman," Pseud.]


A New Version of an Old Tale, by "Norman," Pictured by A.S. Forrest

Lot 392

Van Riebeeck Society (publishers)

Van Riebeeck Society. Complete First Series of Fifty Volumes

Lot 394

Meintjes, Johannes

Portrait of a South African Village, by A. Lomax: Molteno 1894-1909

Portret van 'n Suid-Afrikaanse Dorp, deur A. Lomax: Molteno 1894-1909

Lot 395

Smith, Anna H.

Cape Views and Costumes. Water-colours by H. C. de Meillon in the Brenthurst Collection, Johannesburg

Lot 396

Leibbrandt, H. C. V.

Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope. Requesten (Memorials) 1715-1806

Lot 397

Transvaal / South African Republic

De Locale Wetten der Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek. 1887-1890

Lot 401

Walton, James

Homesteads and Villages of South Africa

Lot 402

De Kock, W. J.. and D. W. Kr├╝ger and C. J. Beyers (editors-in-chief)

Dictionary of South African Biography [5-volume set]

Lot 408

Walter Battiss

South African Paint Pot.

Lot 412

Skaife, Dr S H (author and illustrator); Edward Cole (cover illustration)

What Animal Is That? Ford Guide to Animal Recognition in Southern Africa

Lot 416

William Le Queux

German Atrocities

A Record of Shameless Deeds

Lot 417

The Right Hon Viscount Bryce

Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages

Lot 422

Hilliard, O M, and B L Burtt; Auriol Batten (illustrations); L E Codd (foreword)

Dierama. The Hairbells of Africa

Lot 424

Van der Walt, J J A, and P J Vorster (authors); Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst (illustrator)

Pelargoniums of Southern Africe (3 vols)

Lot 428

Bayer, Bruce; J G Marx (illustrator); J D Venter (photographs); P V Bruyns (foreword)

Haworthia Revisited. A Revision of the Genus. And The New Haworthia Handbook

Lot 433

F.C. Selous

Sport & Travel East and West

Lot 434

Hobson, N K, & J P Jessop; M Ginn & J Kelly (illustrators). B R Roberts (foreword)

Veld Plants of Southern Africa (1975) (copy 40 of the collectors' edition of 50 copies, signed by the authors and illustrators)

Lot 438

Franciscus Lievens Kersteman

Hollandsch Rechtsgeleerd Woordenboek (Two Old Dutch Law Dictionaries published in 1772 & 1777)

Lot 443

J Middlebrook

A Hurried Look Round Durban

One Way of Doing It

Lot 444

Snijman, Deirdre; Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst (artist); J N Eloff (editor)

A Revision of the Genus Haemanthus L (Amaryllidaceae)

Journal of South African Botany Supplementary Volume No 12

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